A New Look

There's a bit of a new look for old Edna here. We're not completely finished with the facelift and there are bits and pieces still being fixed. If you need help or just can't find something, please send an e-mail. 


Log on using the usual log on details in the box on this page. You can then access the "First Order only" content - including the search facility. Log out when you're finished. 

Search for text using the search box in the top right of each page. 

Edna will resize and reformat automatically to adjust to different sized screens so whether you view Edna in the old fashioned way on a desktop monitor screen, or a tablet, or a mobile phone it should still be readable and usable. 

Want the main body text to be a bit bigger or smaller? Use the A+ or A- buttons above the login box. The A button resets font size to the default.  

Future Features

Individual users will soon be able to create their own ID and use their own password (like on other grown-up websites). There will be a facility to reset passwords which have been lost, or retrieve user IDs which have been forgotten.

Provincial Secretaries and Ministers will be given the ability to upload documents directly to their relevant sections of EDNA - or continue in the same way by e-mailing to Edna's faithful bridesmaid, Madge.