First Order SSF Manual - Official Texts

There are two formats available here. 

A5 page format - suitable for direct viewing on screen or printing as separate A5 sheets

A4 sheet booklet format - Arranged for printing for Manual. Print double sided, then cut pages in half to give collated pages ready to be inserted in Manual.

English - Official Texts


Other Versions of the Principles

The official version (see above) forms part of The Rule of the First Order. This was the version authorised by the Joint Meeting of the Chapters of the First Order in 1996. This uses NRSV biblical texts and the third person plural ("brothers and sisters"). This version should be the one in your Manual. It is also the version in the 2010 Daily Office - SSF.

In 1993 an alternative text based on the 1984 version (using the first person plural - "we") was also authorised for use.

It is recognised that the 1984 version (as printed in the older edition of the Daily Office - SSF) although superseded in 1996 may, for reasons of convenience, still be used.

Earlier paraphrases, or more radical attempts to rewrite the Principles, are available on the historical documents page. 

Other versions of the Principles, possibly currently in use, are below:  

English - Alternative Texts


A "modest revision" of the Principles which removed many of the "musts", "oughts", and "shoulds" so as to better reflect a ""Covenant Theology' in which our desire to live a godly life is motivated not by anxious energy as we struggle to meet God’s conditions and expectations, but by a response of gratitude". (2003)

The Principles paraphrased in Simple English - A5 Format

The Principles paraphrased in Simple English - Leaflet printing format






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