News - January 2018

Province of the Americas

Cecilia’s memorial service will be held in San Francisco on 19th January. Joyce will visit the sisters there from 14th – 24th, and will represent this province at the service.

European Province

Clark Berge has been told that his visa is granted, and we hope to see him on British soil by the middle of January.


News - December 2017

European Province: Arrangements for Elizabeth's diamond jubilee celebrations; closing of St Anthony's, Byker, Newcastle; Canterbury blessing.

Province of the Americas: Cecilia dies, aged 97. 

News - November 2017

European Province: Elizabeth celebrates 60th anniversary of profession; brothers' moves; Robert reaches Assisi on foot; Martin John in team for programme in Hong Kong.

Province of the Americas: Ambrose Christobal makes profession in life vows; Robert Hugh celebrates 50th anniversary of profession; James Nathaniel admitted to noviciate.

News - October 2017

Bishop Steven Cottrell elected protector general.

European Province: Martin John elected to life profession; changes in Canterbury; Christopher Martin in charge of "South-East" cluster; Juliana recevied into life profession in CSF; Clark Berge elected guardian of Hilfield Friary. 

News - September 2017

European Province: Death of Sr Damien OSC; Robert undertaking pilgrimage on foot to Assisi; CSF celebration of ministry in  Birmingham.

Province of the Divine Compassion: Donald Campbell elected minister provincial.

Province of the Solomon Islands: Jonas Baluga acting minister provincial.


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