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The Community of Saint Francis was founded on February 25, 1905 in London by Sr Rosina Mary, formerly of the Society of the Sisters of Bethany with whom she had made her profession in 1884. Led by Sr Rosina Mary, a small group of women set out to follow the Rule of Clare of Assisi in all but enclosure. Mindful of the close link between Clare and Francis, the Rule of the new sisterhood included portions of both the Earlier and the Later Rules of Francis of Assisi in its adaptation of The Form of Life of Clare of Assisi, according to the English translation of that time. With the text below are the references to these sources. In 1963 the Community of St Francis affiliated with the Society of Saint Francis, replacing this Rule eventually with the Rule of the Sisters of the First Order of the Society of Saint Francis.



CSF Rule 1908 - 1964

CSF Rule 1908 - 1964

The Indian Connection

Fr Jack Winslow founded the Christa Seva Sangha ashram in India in 1920. After the arrival of Fr Algy and other Englishmen in 1928 they settled in Puna and built their own buildings. Fr Jack worked on the Rule of the ashram through several revisions in 1928 and 1929. Christa Seva Sangha later split into two in 1934. The branch with the more flexible ashram style kept the original name and reverted to the original Rule of 1920. The other branch, more monastic in style, took the name Christa Prema Seva Sangha, and the more monastic Rule of CSS 1929.


Before this split, Fr Algy had returned to England in 1930 and founded what was initially the English branch of Christa Seva Sangha, the Brotherhood of the Love of Christ, in St Ives, Huntingdonshire. The Rule of this Brotherhood was based on that of Christa Seva Sangha. Fr Algy soon took this Brotherhood to Dorset to join the Brotherhood of St Francis of Assisi. When they amalgamated as the Society of St Francis the Principles of BLC substantially became the Principles of SSF.

From India


BLC Rule

The Rule - Brotherhood of the Love of Christ [1930?]


The Rule - Christa Prema Seva Sangha [1934?], with handwritten annotations by Olga Lawrence. 

CSS Rule 1928

The Rule - Christa Seva Sangha, 1928

CSS Rule 1929

The Rule - Christa Seva Sangha, 1929

The Society of St Francis

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SSF Rule 1936

The Rule SSF, 1936

Expressing the Charism - the Principles and related documents

In the 1970s and 1980s there were various attempts to re-express the charism of SSF.  Br Geoffrey's "The Way of St Francis" was a rewriting of the Principles to make them accessbile as a common document to all three orders. Br Michael's "Instruments of Peace" was a more radical restatement of the "present intentions" of the three orders.  Br William paraphrased the Principles in more contemporary language, and Brother Brian in plain English, having in mind brothers for whom English was not their first language.


The Principles


Brian - The Principles - Bound in love

Br Brian SSF - The Principles - "Bound in Love"

Geoffrey - The way of St Francis

Br Geoffrey SSF - The way of St Francis

Michael - Instruments of Peace

Br Michael SSF - Instruments of Peace

William - The Principles - a Paraphrase

Br William SSF - The Principles - a Paraphrase


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